Total Business Services, Inc.

We specialize in business transition and value enhancement for small and emerging companies.

Your Business Stage

Working with business owners in Central Texas to provide forward-thinking solutions to grow, groom and gain the most from their business strategy - now and for the future.

Grow Your Business

Much like visiting a physician for a physical before starting a new physical activity, business owners benefit from a check up on their business strategy, identifying any issues or limitations and be advised on ways to approach growth effectively.

Groom Your Business

The difference between security and obscurity may be razor thin. A well-planned strategy and pre-divestiture/value enhancement program can grow and protect the value you worked so hard to build whether you transition out or not.

Gain From Your Business

A transition plan is a comprehensive blueprint for successfully transitioning out of the operations through succession planning or ownership by the sale of a privately held business. A transition plan asks and answers the business and...

Helping Small and Emerging Businesses To Grow

Total Business Services Inc. was founded in 1990. We are experts in business consultation who have refined our approach to owning, operating or eventually transitioning out of a business. We are here to help emerging business owners in Central Texas get the best start, give existing business owners the ability to grow while discovering a work-life balance, or help business owners find that best transition or exit strategy from their business.

While we do not specialize in any one industry, we do specialize in providing small and emerging business owners with forward-thinking solutions into owning, operating or eventually transitioning out of business. We perform an initial assessment for each and every client to address their business concerns. Once we are able to identify the strength and weaknesses of the business, we perform a deeper dive into each area to determine how we can best assist the client. If you are ready to take your business operation or exit strategy to the next level, contact Total Business Services Inc.

Total Business Services Inc - Business Consulting for business large and small