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Working with business owners to provide forward-thinking solutions to grow, groom, and get the most out of their businesses - now and for the future.

Your Business Stage

We solve business problems at all stages of your business.

Grow Your Business

Do you see your physician for a physical as you age or before you begin a new physical activity? Those who do so because they hope the doctor will identify any hidden issues or limitations and advise them on ways to approach healthy habits or their new physical activity before causing harm to themselves.

Groom Your Business

The difference between security and obscurity may be razor thin. A well-planned strategy and pre-divestiture/value enhancement program can grow and protect the value you worked so hard to build whether you transition out or not.

Get The Most Out Of Your Business

A transition plan is a comprehensive blueprint for successfully transitioning out of the operations through succession planning or ownership by the sale of a privately held business. A transition plan asks and answers the business and...

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Helping your business grow

In 1990, Total Business Services, Inc. was founded to help people like you who knew how to get into a business but stumped at how to get out of business, or worse yet, want to stay in business but have lost control of it. Business owners call us when they are tired of investing way too much time and energy into a business that moves by fits and starts, robs them of any sense of work-life focus, or fails to respond at all to all their efforts. They call when they think the best solution is to get out of their business.

Often, once a business owner knows where their business stands, what it may be worth, and the best way to position their business for an eventual transition, a new realization dawns. While all business owners eventually transition out of their business in a manner that is planned or not, many will delay this event until a time of their choosing once they realize that all problems have solutions and that the business can work for them and be saleable on their terms.

After 30 years of refining our approach, we believe we can provide you with forward-thinking solutions into owning, operating, and eventually transitioning out of your business. If you are ready to make a change, contact us to start the process of taking it to the next level - now and for the future.

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What our clients say

Paula Barron

“I got more than a four-year business degree in the year I spent working with Billy. And I walked away from what seemed a ‘no win’ proposition with enough cash to start a new business.”

Paula Barron

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