Sign final judgment - failure -- success

I often get hired by business owners only after they have encountered a large stumbling block in their business. While it can be a steep climb to recovery for some businesses, given certain criteria, it is always manageable. Whether it’s early or late in the game when a client reaches out, I can help if I see potential; and I’ve found that predicting a project’s level of success usually comes down to the following characteristics:

Open Mindedness by Ownership

Failure is certain without acknowledgement by ownership that there is a problem – combined with their willingness to accept solutions. The business owner must leave their egos at the door.

Desire to Grow Company

Without customers, a business will eventually fail. So satisfying existing customers and reaching out to new ones should be high on the agenda. Building a positive brand that consumers wish to do business with will inspire loyalty and pay off in the long run. A business owner must be willing to accept growth; and the change that inevitably comes with it. Setting lofty goals is easy; meeting them is much harder because it means making changes and breaking out of “comfort” zones.

Commitment to the Process

This is a long and involved process – it isn’t all pixie dust and overnight success. Sometimes it can take several years to get your company to where it needs to be. No matter that, it will always take hard work.

Willingness to Communicate

This is imperative to the process. In fact, without solid and open communication, it is difficult to develop the balanced relationship I need to establish and gather the proper information that will set the solution for the project.

It takes blood, sweat and tears to get a business up and running. When things start to go wrong it can be very difficult to put ego aside and seek help. But with the right frame of mind, the right tools in hand, and the right partner by your side, success is often just around the corner.

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