Overworked businessman with lot of files on his desk

Who’s minding the store?

If the answer is you, then you may need to do some soul searching on just what you want from your business. If you are the one “minding the store”, you are only managing what you have and you may not be creating the value your business warrants. Working in your business is something you can hire someone to do. Working on your business creating value is something only you as a business owner can do.

What stops most people from growing the value of their business is getting caught up in the day to day operating decisions that are made without consideration of the long term strategic impact of those decisions and from not knowing the difference… Admitting this fear of not knowing the difference and putting the systems in place where the right people are running the day to day operations will allow you to work on your business and set the strategic objectives necessary to grow the value of the business.

The day to day operation of your business can be accomplished by a general manager or an assistant manager or whatever title you want to place on it. Believe it or not, this person can be you, the business owner, but you have to differentiate the two roles. You did not go into business to be the manager of the business. You got into business to be an owner. Now is the time to take a deep breath and move forward. Own your business. Then you will be able to grow your business.

You’re not doing anything wrong, you just need to start doing some things differently if you want your business to grow. Growing your business, creating the value it deserves – since you have put both money and time into it – is the best way to have your business work for you instead of the other way around. Putting the systems in place to help you build is not meant to handcuff you but to free you so you can be creative.

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