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Included are articles of interest to business owners. These materials have been compiled from services provided and the experiences dealing with privately held businesses over the past twenty-five plus years.  The content is not technical in nature but presents an insight in a manner that resonates with business owners and their experiences owning a business. The areas we address include vision, culture, structure, systems, marketing and sales, production and delivery, finance, talent management, and accountability.

These articles are divided into three sections titled “Grow,” “Groom” and “Getting the Most Out of Your Business.”  As you may have noticed throughout our website, our mission is “to assist business owners in growing, grooming and getting the most out of their business – now and in the future.”

These sections have been organized by each of the stages that occur in the life of a business.  The Grow  section offers insight into the infancy of a business and the steps necessary to succeed in the early stages of formation.  The Groom section provides insight into the grooming of a maturing business to strengthen its foundation for longevity. The Getting the Most Out of Your Business  section provides the insight to positioning the business to provide you with the return you expected from the business and for a future transition event.

We hope these articles will provide some guidance in your quest to build a great company and encourage you to contact us should you have any questions not addressed in the articles.