Growing A Business

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Five Reasons You Need to Determine the Value of Your Business

By Billy Richardson | March 6, 2019

I encourage business owners always to consider how they will get out of business when they start or acquire a business.  Most tend to ignore this advice because they are so caught up in the “beginning” that they don’t (or can’t) envision the “ending.”  What they fail to consider is that they inevitably WILL experience…

Ensure operational viability of the business

By Billy Richardson | April 25, 2018

Every business must have a vision statement – a strategic foundation that defines success. Without this idea of what you want your business to grow to be, the chance of success is greatly minimized. Another part of this foundation is the culture of the business or its personality. Without it, you will not be able…

Are your lights on?

By Billy Richardson | August 17, 2017

When TBSI Consulting first launched, I could not understand why no one was calling to use our products or services. We had a website, social media, and all the right marketing collateral, but no one was calling. How could this be? After all, we had a great business and provided services that every business needs.…

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Sales or Solutions?

By Billy Richardson | August 3, 2016

We are all familiar with aggressive sales techniques and have all been on the receiving end. We have had people try to push products on us, trying to sell something as quickly as possible and for the highest possible price. When this happens, we are likely to feel manipulated, annoyed and even offended. We intuitively…

Attention Business Owners: Are You Planning for the Future?

By Billy Richardson | February 2, 2016

Think about where it is you want to be (and why), and how you’re going to get there. If you think of “goals” as destinations, then you’ll see the value in having a road map. With quantifiable objectives, a business owner can measure success and make specific determinations about what needs to change. Goals are…

4 Ways to Grow Your Business

By Billy Richardson | January 16, 2016

There are many ways to grow your business, if done right. Some are easy; some just look easy. Staying on top of marketplace trends and customer satisfaction is crucial when planning growth strategies. The one way not to grow your business is to cut investments (costs) in your business. While this may appear to help…

5 “Must Ask” Questions When Writing Your Business Plan

By Billy Richardson | January 5, 2016

Every company should have a business plan and within it a realistic set of goals for success that includes the methods necessary to reach those goals. As your business grows and changes, these goals will likely be redefined, altered, or updated. But regardless of how they shift, your business plan is an essential part of…

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Hiring the Right Trusted Advisor

By Billy Richardson | December 19, 2015

The most successful business owners operate proactively rather than reactively; and this is why they need not call in a trusted advisor when their companies hit tough times. They have one from the day they open their doors, and often even before. Contrary to popular belief, a trusted advisor is not someone to be called…

The 3 Most Common Reasons Entrepreneurs Open a Business

By Billy Richardson | December 4, 2015

The idea of starting a business seems to be embedded in people around the world. It’s not uncommon to hear people say “You should just start your own business,” in response to good ideas, complaints about a current job, or even issues with scheduling. It can seem that “starting a business” is as simple as…

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3 Key Elements to All Successful Businesses

By Billy Richardson | November 29, 2015

Success cannot be measured by revenue alone. Many businesses have set up shop and made a quick buck, only to crash and burn soon after. Success is about the money, sure, but there’s more to it than that; real success is about creating a business that generates income over the long term. There are 3…