Growing A Business

Questions You Must Ask Before Starting a Business

By Billy Richardson | November 21, 2015

Almost everyone with an idea for a business thinks it cannot fail. But finding ideas that have a chance of being commercially successful is tough. Ask yourself these questions before starting: Does my idea fill a need or solve a problem? If your product or service isn’t going to help anyone, you have a problem.…

How I Reach my Vision

By Billy Richardson | November 6, 2015

Now that we have our vision for what we want our business to be when it grows up, we need to focus on what will take to attain that vision. Just as we had to go to school, exercise, do homework and finish our chores as children, we have to perform specific activities to grow…

When I Grow Up I Want To Be….

By Billy Richardson | October 24, 2015

Do you remember when you were a child and adults asked what you wanted to be? Some of us said we wanted to be a fireman. Some of us wanted to be a policeman. We had dreams with no idea of how to get there. This is not unlike dreaming about starting your own business.…