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Posts by Karen Richardson

Considering a line of credit or business loan?

approved loan application

Does your business need a line of credit?  How about a loan?  It’s important to know how and when to use each in order to optimize your borrowing, and the first step is understanding how your bank views your business and your need for loans and/or lines of credit. Your bank is basically a low-risk…

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Can you afford that new capital investment?

business woman at desk pondering

You’ve got an opportunity to buy a new piece of equipment or a new vehicle for your fleet or to acquire an experienced sales manager to grow your revenue.  How exciting!  But can you afford it??? You may be thinking, “Well, sure, it’s a great price, and I can make the required note or salary…

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Are you armed…or just dangerous?

drawing of stick figure with gattling gun

No, this isn’t an article about law enforcement or concealed handgun training.  Did you know that the term “armed and dangerous” is very applicable to business?  As a business owner, if you are not “armed” with excellent information about your business, including your own financial and operational performance and your relative standings in your market…

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man holding a sign in front of face

When you get the bank reconciliations from your accountant or bookkeeper, how often do you think, “Where has all the money gone???  I know we are working harder than ever!  Our sales or services have increased over last quarter, so how can the checking account balance can be the same (or less!) than it was…

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What do all these numbers mean???

man looking at wall of infographics

When you get a Profit & Loss statement from your accountant or bookkeeper, do you find yourself scratching your head and thinking, “Good grief!  What do all these numbers MEAN?”   If so, you aren’t alone.  Chances are your accountant or bookkeeper prepares your financials with a primary purpose in mind, which is to ensure…

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