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Posts by Billy Richardson

The Real Value of Your Business

value of your business scale with money

The real value of your business is what you can get for your business.  The trick is being able to command what you want for your business instead of taking what you must take for your business.  This value demands discipline not to be in a position of having to sell your business because you…

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Whom Do I Sell My Business?

While a business owner may think their business would be attractive to everyone, this can only occur when you position the company to be so. Depending upon the culture and the structure of the business, not all buyers are the same. The business owner should determine early on who the best buyer of the business…

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Why We Do What We Do

On occasions, I have had interesting conversations with business owners about why their employees just go through the motions only to get a paycheck, and it brought to mind how easy it is for our staff as well as ourselves as business owners to forget why we do what we do. With the employees, it…

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Are You Business Smart?

Great execution makes you look smart Ask any business owner and they will tell you their intelligence as perceived by customers is directly related to the quality of the customers’ experience.  If a business owner provides an excellent experience, they will be seen as smart and bold.  If the results of the experience end up…

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Sales or Solutions?

Business solutions

We are all familiar with aggressive sales techniques and have all been on the receiving end. We have had people try to push products on us, trying to sell something as quickly as possible and for the highest possible price. When this happens, we are likely to feel manipulated, annoyed and even offended. We intuitively…

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How are you doing?

How are you doing? This is the usual question you hear when you have not visited with an acquaintance for some time. Our typical response is business is good, the family is well and so forth, but do you ever really step back and ask yourself “How am I doing?” In the late 1970s and…

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3 Questions to Ask when Grooming Your Business

You may not anticipate a fire in your home, but you still plan how you and your family will get out if there is one. When you own a business, you may not, at first, intend to sell. But you will exit your business voluntary or not at some point in the future therefore; it…

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6 Attributes of a Well-Groomed Business

Aspiring entrepreneurs are flooded with statistics and warnings: businesses that do start are starting smaller, are less healthy, and are far less likely to succeed than ever before. But these potential owners are also flooded with encouragement, words of inspiration from successful entrepreneurs, and support. Starting a business is tough, but leaving a business requires…

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Business Grooming Basics

You don’t start a business overnight, and you don’t leave one that way either. You may be ready to move on – but is your business? Many times, owners hold a lot of loose ends in their hands; if they step back, chaos can ensue. A well-groomed business has those ends tied up before potential…

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Another Day at the Office?!

Business is hectic and complicated. There’s too much to do, and not enough time to do it. We rush from one project or meeting to another to another to another. Moreover, when we return to our office, there are five, ten or more voicemails, emails or people who need our attention. Our office is cluttered…

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