Paula Barron
Barron Environmental Service and Technology

I got more than a four-year business degree in the year I spent working with Billy. And I walked away from what seemed a ‘no win’ proposition with enough cash to start a new business.

When you jump into the portable toilet business you might get dirty. I did. I jumped in with a business partner and without a plan. By the time I realized I was at cross purposes with my partner, I had no idea how to get out. Best tip I ever received was to call TBSI.

Billy Richardson asked hard questions. He made me do my homework. I didn't like everything he had to say, but it was advice I took at the time and still live by.

I can’t say enough about Billy. He holds an objective distance while still confirming that he’s on your team. He taught me how to review lease programs and how to get them paid off. He helped me make a heavy analysis of how the company was managed. Billy enabled me to see where I needed to back off and let others take charge so that I had the time to do what I do best.

I would never have believed it, but by the time I sold my share of that business, the selling price set me up nicely in a new business. It’s doing quite well. After all, I have that Richardson business degree.


-- Paula Barron