Paulette Pendley, Owner
Pendley Party Productions

I’d created a monster. I wanted to walk out. But after 10 years of hard work, I still had nothing to sell. Billy helped me stay in, become more profitable, and develop a plan to get out . . . when I want to. My husband, a great salesman, joined my company and it took off in new directions — rentals, conventions, personal and corporate party planning, consulting. A load of inventory built up, but we couldn't afford to move. And we needed more employees. The whole business revolved around me. Working most days until 2 a.m., I had no other life.

I called Billy Richardson and told him I wanted out. But the business wasn't sellable because I was involved in every aspect of the business. I was the business. I was emotionally paralyzed and didn't have a lot of money for changing things. In six months with Billy, we:

  • Developed a business plan.
  • Decided to move some of the inventory to an affordable space.
  • Evaluated positions needed, how to balance full- and part-time help, and hired employees.
  • Transitioned clients to work successfully with other employees.
  • Planned an exit strategy so that I could one day sell this business.

We divided and conquered until business grew enough to move to a new location. That was three years ago. Now I've rehired TBSI to help define positions and responsibilities in the company, a flow of work from the first interview through to event cleanup.

-- Paulette Pendley