Mark Schulman
Schulman Theatres and Real Estate

With the help of TBSI, we increased revenues, decreased expenses and defined and launched new business opportunities.

Here’s a testament to Billy Richardson’s process — he got us to think! Our family has been in the movie theater business for almost 100 years. Subconsciously, we’d started to neglect the little things that made us successful in the past. Billy helped us rethink the overall picture by looking at the parts. Let’s talk about the image, the employee policy, the financial responsibility we have to ourselves and our investors. Let’s be sure we’re offering a quality product for a fair price that makes customers happy. It was a calm, methodical process. He absolutely refocused our energy.

We own both young and old companies, with interests in real estate and entertainment. Billy’s vast experience enables him to identify strengths and weaknesses, correct deficiencies in mature companies, and kick conceptual new ideas into reality. He is adamant about detail and accuracy, which I applaud.

When you take on Billy, you’re getting a multitude of talent. He’ll guide you to define and polish the qualities of your company. Be ready to elevate the level of play.


-- Mark Schulman