Robert Johnson
Athens Publishing Wacoan Magazine

TBSI taught me to look at the business more objectively and arrive at sound solutions, enabling us to steer the business toward profitability. I attribute a lot of our success to those first few months we had Billy on board.

I would never buy another business before having TBSI assess it up front.

Soon after we purchased our business, we realized it was in trouble. Here’s what I learned from Billy Richardson:

  • View your business as an investment, and develop an exit strategy.
  • When the challenges are tough, stay calm. Overwhelmed is under-thought.
  • Tackle a large problem by breaking it down into small segments and work them one by one.

Without Billy’s help we would have compounded the business’s problems with our worries. His accounting background and business knowledge were invaluable. He helps you identify the challenges and develop a strategy to overcome them. It’s the best money you’ll spend.

-- Robert Johnson