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Congratulations on the sale of your business!  What??  You did NOT sell your business???

Well, if not now, it is likely that SOMEDAY you WILL want to sell your business.  When that time comes, you will want the experience to be one of satisfaction, not frustration or desperation.  To achieve a satisfactory outcome when you are ready to sell, it is quite crucial to begin positioning your business years before the event to produce the highest value, and therefore, the highest asking price in a sales transaction.

Studies show that only a small percentage of business owners will be happy with the results of their sales transaction.  The reason for this low satisfaction rate is that most business owners fail to prepare their business for sale properly and cannot demonstrate value to support their asking price.  This preparation—what we at TBSI refer to as growing and grooming your business—should start YEARS before you are ready to sell, and there are two fundamental reasons why.

The first reason, as mentioned above, is that the better the business, the higher the value, and the higher the value, the higher the asking price.  The second reason is that the better the business, the higher your return will be RIGHT NOW, while you are still operating, owning, and not considering the sale of your business.

Making your business better now reaps benefits for you today and in the long run—the ultimate win-win scenario.  Contact us today to find out how TBSI  can help you grow, groom, and get the most out of your business…now and for the future.

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