FAQs for Discover Report

This looks interesting. What kind of information do I need to provide?

The Discover survey is easy to complete. You’ll need to have the following information about your company:

  • Industry classification – Not sure? Go to http://www.naics.com to search for your proper industry code.
  • Number of employees
  • Location (zip code)
  • Current estimated revenue, annualized
  • Current estimated profits (EBITDA), annualized
What will you do with the information I provide to you?

An excellent question! TBSI is fiercely protective of our clients’ sensitive information so that you can be assured we won’t sell or share any information you provide about yourself or your company. The information you provide will be used to run calculations on the quality of your operations, as well as predictions of value, both current and potential.

The program uses a sophisticated methodology developed at MIT and designed to provide business owners with tangible, actionable information needed to help them make sound strategic decisions.

If you don’t share my information, then who has access to see it?

Total Business Services, Inc. limits access to confidential information; only employees who are qualified and trained as consultants will have access to your information. Typically, we assign a single user to manage your account. For more information, consult the user terms of service.

What will this survey tell me about my company?

Your survey results will be displayed immediately on the screen once you’ve answered all the questions. You will learn what your company could be worth if you apply best practices to your overall operations. You will also see your company’s Value Gap – that is, the amount that your company isn’t able to realize now due to operational inefficiencies and systemic ‘bottlenecks’ in your business. You will also see how the most critical areas in your company compare with other companies in your industry. All in all, there’s a wealth of insight to be gained by completing this survey.

What will happen once I finish the survey? Will I get inundated with calls, emails and other offers I don’t want or need?

We will send you an email with a copy of your survey results. This report is yours to keep with our compliments. We also follow- up with all survey participants to offer a free consultation on your results, provide our insights on what the survey is telling you, and let you know how we think we can help you. Alternatively, if we can’t help, we’ll do our best to point you to resources that may be better suited to your needs. Of course, there is no further obligation to engage with us, but we are confident that you will see the value in completing the survey to learn what makes your company thrive.

Do I need a professional to help me complete this survey?

The Discover survey is straightforward and easy to complete. However, some business owners prefer a professional consultant to assist them with the questions and help interpret the results. If you’d prefer to go that route, you can schedule an appointment by calling 866-960-0428 X 701 or click HERE to access an online calendar. Discover appointments are always free.