Pre-Acquisition and Divestiture Analysis

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A pre-acquisition analysis offers insight to business owners who desire to accelerate the growth of their business.  By assisting them to take a “quick look” at a target business that may stimulate or speed up the growth they desire, this process allows businesses to look at growth options outside of organic growth.

This process allows business owners to determine if a target business is a viable candidate through an evaluation of business worthiness, valuation and the ability to integrate the target business into the acquiring business’ model and culture.

A pre-divestiture analysis offers insight to business owners contemplating a transition event. While you may not be at the point in time where you want to transition out of your business, you may want to assess your company’s current position for a possible future event.

This process allows business owners to gain insight of the present operational situation, the estimated current value of the business and the viability of a transition event.  Moreover the analysis offers a selection of options to capture the value of your business including who the best buyer may be and the financial alternatives.

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