Do you remember when you were a child and adults asked what you wanted to be?

Some of us said we wanted to be a fireman. Some of us wanted to be a policeman. We had dreams with no idea of how to get there. This is not unlike dreaming about starting your own business. But business owners need to go beyond the dream.

Many times when I ask entrepreneurs what they want their businesses to look like, they have not thought about why they were getting into business in the first place. This is the dilemma of most business owners: They spend more time working in their business than they do working on the business, and they don’t have a vision.

A clear business vision requires looking inside. Do you want your business to be big or to be small? Many employees or a few? Several locations or one? Many of you will say you can’t know, that dreaming about what your business will become is so far off that to dream is impossible.

But think of it as a journey. To get anywhere, you have to have a destination. This does not mean a permanent destination. It could be just a milepost. The point is, you get to decide important milestones. This is the only way to create a strategic operating plan to lead and manage your business to give it the value it deserves.

Think back to your childhood. You had great aspirations. Those were dreams you thought might come true. But things change. In your business, things will change, too, but you must have a vision for business success to be more than a dream. You deserve no less for your efforts.

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